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How do I find my class textbook in the library?

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You can use the library catalog's course reserve search to search by your course or instructor's name. You can also do a title search if you know the title of the textbook.For more information, view the video tutorial on using the course reserve search.... read more

How do I connect to the wireless network in the library?

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You need to first purchase an ASSC student activities sticker before you can access wireless on campus. You can purchase it through MySierra under the Pay Fees link. Your account should be activated 30 minutes after purchasing your ASSC sticker. For information about getting connected to wireless on campus, see the Sierra College Wireless Network page.... read more

I can only see a summary of the article in EBSCOhost. How do I get to the full text article?

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EBSCOhost does not have the full text available for all articles it indexes. On the detailed record screen, check to see if there are links to the full text on the left-hand side of the page. If the article is only available in pdf format, you will need to click the link to open it. The HTML format of full text is located below the article citation and abstract.You can limit your searches to retri... read more

How much does it cost to make a photocopy?

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Photocopiers are available in the library and the cost is 10 cents per page.... read more

How do I renew a book?

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You can renew a book at the Circulation Desk in-person or over the phone. Books can be renewed twice.You can also renew books online through the library catalog. Log in with your student ID number and last name. Select the items you wish to renew and check your new due date. Reserve books and books that have a hold placed on them cannot be renewed.... read more

What are the open hours of the library?

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You can find the hours for all campus libraries on the library hours page.... read more

How do I find an article from a scholarly (scientific, academic, peer-reviewed) journal?

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First, you'll need to be able to identify a scholarly journal. Articles are written by scholars or experts in a field and they typically report on original research or experimentation. Articles are often long and start with an abstract and end with a list of cited sources. Peer-reviewed, or refereed articles, must be submitted to other experts in the field for review to ensure quality research.Dat... read more

How much does it cost to print in the library?

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Sierra College has a campus-wide pay to print system for all public printers. The cost is $0.09 per printed page (double-sided printing is $0.18, just like 2 single-side pages). You'll need to put money on your account before you can use printing.You can find out more on the Pay-to-Print FAQ page.... read more

Can I request a book from another Sierra College campus library?

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Yes, you can! You can make your request at your campus library's circulation desk or you can request the book online through the library catalog. For more information, view the video tutorial on requesting books from other campus libraries.... read more

Is there a place in the library where I can plug in my laptop, tablet or phone?

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Yes! We now have the Laptop Spot at the Rocklin Campus Library. The Laptop Spot is on the 3rd floor, down the hall to the right of the Video/Circulation Desk. There are 24 individual study carrels with outlets plus a counter around the edge of the room with access to 7 more outlets. You'll also find many study tables in the main study area of the 3rd floor which have easy access to outlets.On the ... read more

How many books can I have checked out at the same time?

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You can check out a total of 10 books. You are limited to 4 books on the same subject.... read more

Can I borrow books and articles from other libraries outside of Sierra College?

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Yes, you can use the interlibrary loan service (ILL) to borrow items not owned by Sierra College Library. You can get interlibrary loan forms at the Rocklin and Nevada County campus libraries or online. For more information about ILL, please visit the Interlibrary Loan page.... read more

Does the library have any eBooks?

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Yes, we do! We have over 140,000 electronic books in our EBSCO eBook Collection and we have a collection of reference books through Gale Virtual Reference Library. You can learn more about eBooks by watching our video on using EBSCO eBook Collection or viewing our LibGuide on eBook Collections. EBSCO eBook Collection video eBook Collections LibGuide ... read more

What are the fines for returning a book late?

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The fine will depend on the type of book. If books are not returned and fines are not paid, a hold will be placed on your account and you will not be able to register. General Books: 50 cents per day per item (maximum fine of $5.00 per item) Reserve Material: 50 cents per hour per item with a maximum fine of $20 per item. If the reserve book is not returned in 2 weeks, the library has the right t... read more

How do I log in to EBSCOhost or other library databases from home?

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You'll need to access databases from the links on the library home page. Log in using your MySierra username and password.  ... read more

Is the library open during semester breaks?

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The libraries are open limited hours for paying fines and clearing records during semester breaks. Please call your campus library first to confirm hours and services.... read more

Are there group study rooms in the library?

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At the Rocklin Campus library there are seven group study rooms on the 2nd floor and threeon the 3rd floor (ask at the video desk). A few group study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The rest can be reserved online through our group study room reservations.... read more

Can I print from my laptop computer?

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Unfortunately, we don't have wireless printing in the library. You'll need to have your document on a usb flash drive or in your email to print it at one of the computer workstations in the library or learning center.... read more

How do I get a library card?

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Your student ID card is your library card. It's free to get a student ID card and you'll need it to use other services on campus such as the Testing Center. You can get your ID card at Admissions and Records. Rocklin Campus: Winstead Center, L Building Nevada County Campus: Building N1-104 Tahoe Truckee Campus: 11001 College Trail ... read more

Can I use the library if I'm not a Sierra College student?

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Anyone can use the library's books and research databases inside the library, but only current students can check out books. Sierra College students have priority when using computers in the library. Community members can join the Friends of the Library to receive a library card with limited check out privileges (3 books at a time). Sierra College Alumni can join the Alumni Association to receive ... read more

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